Tips to Help You Find Your Ideal Heets Flavor

Top IQOS Heets flavors in Dubai and UAE

You must have the knowledge that there are multiple Heets flavors available in the market. The IQOS Heets Dubai, Sharjah and in other UAE cities are quite popular, not only for their high standard but also for the fact they offer lots of exciting smoke flavors to the customers. You would be amazed to experiment with each of the flavors. But there are lots of factors that come into play when you try to find the suitable Heets flavor. You should apply some effective tips to know about the right kind of IQOS Dubai Heets flavor you need.

Choose A Flavor Based on Your Taste

It is extremely significant to go for a specific Heets flavor based on individual propensity. If you are in love with a strong flavor, then you should accordingly opt for Amber. If you are fond of a lighter, smoother feeling while smoking, then the Yellow label would be a better option.

Intense Smoking Experience

As has been mentioned in the previous point, for those of you who love to smoke stronger flavors, Amber would be the apt label to choose. You would receive a wholesome utility when you select this particular flavor.

A Lightweight Version of Amber

You might be fond of Amber, but on the other hand, you might like to try out something in a lighter vein. For smokers like you, there is the elegant Yellow label IQOS Heets sticks. The flavor perfectly blends with your refined tastes for smoking.

Woody Sensation

Do you want to taste a woody sensation in your smoke when you use the IQOS products? If yes, then the Bronze label Heets sticks is the perfect label for you, as you would receive a sublime chocolaty flavor, with a subtleness of woody layers, with this lovely category.

A Smooth and Cool Sensation

There are smokers who don’t quite like the hardness of stronger flavors. They want something impeccably smoother. For smokers such as them, it is rational to choose the Turquoise label. The label would invariably provide you a free-flowing, silky sensation of smoking the highest grade of IQOS Heets sticks.

Lemony Sensation

How about experimenting with a unique, lemony sensation, derived from citrus-flavored Heets sticks? You would be able to experience it when you smoke the Green zing label.

Exclusive Experience

Those among you, who love to get a taste of berry while smoking, can try out the Purple label.

Use These Tips to Buy the Right Heets Flavor

You are now in a position to buy suitable flavors according to your tastes.


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