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IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE
IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE
IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE
IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE
IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE
IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE
(8 customer reviews)

IQOS Heets Yellow Label Dubai UAE

AED 89 AED 89 AED 114

Authentic Factory Sealed and Unopened
1 Carton Contains: 10 Packs / 200 Sticks
Weight: 250 g
The net weight of the tobacco mixture in a single stick: 6.1 g

Suitable for: IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Lil Solid
Country of Origin: Kazakhstan

Flavor: A light taste of tobacco mixture to taste refined tobacco.
Body – ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5
Intensity – ★★★☆☆ 3/5
Aroma – ★★★★★ 5/5

Delivery: United Arab Emirates (from 1 hour to 24 hours maximum)

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A great alternative for people who want to quit harmful cigarettes is created by IQOS. The Heets range of tobacco is one of the finest developments of this era. People don't have to harm their lungs with nasty smoke and ash. All these things are eliminated by heating the tobacco at low temperatures. You can easily curb your nicotine craving by purchasing an IQOS device and Heets.

Yellow Selection is one of the Heets flavors that are quite common among habitual smokers. We have brought all the products and flavors of IQOS Heets in Dubai and all over the UAE. You can easily place your complete order from our web page.

About IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Taste in Dubai

This product has a high-quality blend of premium tobacco. The taste is almost similar to conventional cigarettes that are bad for health. Many ex-smokers recommend this flavor for an easy switch. There is a strong hint of nicotine spice in every puff. The aroma is soft compared to other flavors. If you crave a cigarette more often, this Heets stick will help. You can use it to get hard puffs of nicotine without affecting your lungs and health.

What HEETS Yellow Selection Contains?

You will find 20 sticks in one pack. Every stick has a similar flavor so you can enjoy your preferred stock. We only deal in authentic and high-end products that are imported from abroad. You can also find devices on our website to use this product. A single stick can generate 14 puffs and last for 6 minutes.

Special Features of Yellow Selection

The artisans have spent their time creating this for habitual smokers. You will easily get rid of regular cigarettes by switching to this flavor. The size of the product is slim and compact. It is easy to carry the whole pack in your pocket with the divide. You can use it indoors because of the ash and smoke-free option. It is so simple to smoke and also looks classy.

Why Us for Yellow Selection

Our website has all the flavors in stock. We only deliver authentic products that we import from Russia and Kazakhstan. Our delivery process is quick and smooth. The process of placing an order is also simple. You will find our customer care representative all the time to help you. The price is reasonable as compared to other suppliers. We keep restocking so you don’t have to wait for your desired product. The smoking session will keep you satisfied and you will become our loyal customer for sure.

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  • You must be over the age of 18 to place an order. If you are underage and you place an order, you will lose your money, guaranteed.
  • All IQOS Heets products are non-returnable.
  • You have a 1-year warranty for IQOS devices from the manufacturer.

8 reviews for IQOS Heets Yellow Selection

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Artur 21.03.21

Aroma: From the pack, the sticks smell like light cigarettes. It is the smell of tobacco and nothing more. I do not feel any flavorings. Structure: inside tobacco and filter, tobacco takes up a little less than 2/3 of a stick. The taste of the sticks is completely imperceptible. When I take a puff, I feel steam passing through my throat, but I do not feel any taste, sweetness, sourness either. Sticks do not hit the throat at all, do not irritate the mucous membrane. When smoked, there is no bitterness or astringency. The sticks are very light, I feel like I'm breathing warm air, but the taste is at zero. This is similar to smoking very light cigarettes. The aroma of smoke exhaled when smoking is almost not felt. I don’t know how anyone can pick up spicy notes in these sticks, I don’t feel anything like that. Steam generation is standard, not distinguishing in any way from other sticks. There is no aftertaste as such, but the most important thing is that there are no unpleasant sensations in the mouth. Although all sticks are the same in strength, I would compare Yellow Selection with the lightest cigarettes. The sticks are not bad, but I will not say that I like them. You can buy 1 time in a couple of months, for a change, but I don't want to smoke them on an ongoing basis. The sticks will definitely not appeal to fans of strong cigarettes and throats, for this Yellow Selection is too weightless.

Wahid 28.04.21

For me, this is the best taste! They are soft, without bitterness, do not irritate the throat. They will definitely appeal to those who prefer light, imperceptible cigarettes without any additional taste and aftertaste.

Burhan 03.05.21

In my opinion, due to the unobtrusive taste and the aroma of cigarettes are suitable for daily use. The aromatic tobacco taste with spicy notes is perfect for those who are just switching to IQOS from light cigarettes. I can recommend it!

Abir Sumnah 14.05.21

In order to determine the most suitable taste, I tried different flavors of sticks. According to reviews, most recommend Heets Amber Label sticks, as most users have switched to IQOS in order to quit smoking regular cigarettes. The Heets Yellow Label sticks are as close to them as possible.

Sajjad 20.05.21

This is the lightest taste in the entire line. I liked these sticks, soft and pleasant. There is no unpleasant tobacco smell from the mouth, hands and clothes. Thank you to the store for the excellent service, fast delivery, high quality products, good price.

Fawwaz 28.05.21

IQOS sticks have a wide variety of flavors. For me, the most optimal taste is the Heets Yellow Label. This is a classic unobtrusive taste without flavorings. The strength of the sticks is average, it's enough for me. There is no unpleasant smell and aftertaste.

Emir 15.06.21

The sticks have the aroma of light regular cigarettes. There are no flavorings here. The smell of tobacco and nothing else. That's what I like!

Haydar 24.06.21

The taste is different from the taste of regular cigarettes, but I got used to sticks in just a few days. For me, the taste of these sticks was the most pleasant. The sticks themselves are light, the strength is sufficient, the taste is neutral. An excellent choice for daily use.

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