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IQOS Cleaning Sticks (Original)

IQOS Cleaning Sticks (Original)

AED 30 AED 70
Save 40 AED
Cleaning tool – IQOS 3 and 3M (Original)

Cleaning tool – IQOS 3 and 3M (Original)

AED 69 AED 99
Save 30 AED
Oil Absorbing Sheets for IQOS

Oil Absorbing Sheets for IQOS

AED 59 AED 129
Save 70 AED
IQOS Ashtray Limited Edition

IQOS Ashtray Limited Edition

AED 450 AED 650
Out of Stock
IQOS Cleaning Kit from Japan

IQOS Cleaning Kit from Japan

AED 59 AED 80
Save 21 AED

IQOS has come up with the idea of ash and smoke-free smoking. They have created innovative devices and tobacco sticks. These sticks are not as harmful as regular cigarettes. You can find all the accessories, devices, and Heets tobacco flavors on our website. We deliver IQOS products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and other emirates of the UAE.

All the devices are made up of high-quality material. They do not break easily. The strong body and slim shape make them an ideal alternative for smoking nicotine. IQOS accessories are necessary to keep the device in good shape. You can separately purchase the accessories from our store. 

An extra charger and cleaning material will come in handy when you need them. The cleaning material is used to keep the device in perfect condition. You can take dense and clean puffs by clearing the inside area of the holder.

Accessories of IQOS You Can Order

We have stocked cleaning stuff for every model of IQOS device. You can browse through our website to find the perfect kit for Heets.

Process of Cleaning IQOS Device

Regular cleaning is necessary. The device comes with a small brush that can be used for removing tobacco sticks. However, if the taste of Heets changes or you find a burning smell in the puff, a deep cleaning is necessary. Here are a few simple ways.


The device has an option of cleaning when you have almost 20 sessions. There is an indicator on the device which turns green. The charging starts automatically after cleaning. There is also an option of manual cleaning. Press the cleaning button to start the process. The features of manual cleaning are similar to automatic cleaning.

With Accessories

You can buy cleaning sticks, solutions, oil-absorbing sheets, or a special cleaning tool. Before using any accessory, make sure that your device is cool. Open the cap and use the device which will split into two parts. The longer part of the tool is used for cleaning the stick holder and the short brush is used for the cap. Rotate the tool gently to clean the holder.


The device contains a heating part and it is not waterproof. Avoid cleaning your device in a damp area or during the rain. Don’t smoke from an IQOS Lil Solid or 3 DUO during the rain or in the shower. Make sure your hands are dry before holding the device. Only use Heets tobacco and do not insert conventional cigarettes inside the device. Do not smoke from IQOS devices if you are pregnant or have any chronic disease. Clean your holder regularly to avoid bad flavor or fumes. If there is any dirt or particle inside the device, you will not enjoy the puffs.  

The battery can only be used at moderate temperatures. Avoid taking your device in a negative temperature region. To restore the performance of the IQOS device, keep it at room temperature. If the device broke somehow, don't try to open or repair it by yourself. 


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