IQOS Heets Pearl

IQOS Heets Sun Pearl

IQOS Heets Sun Pearl

AED 130
IQOS Heets Arbor pearl

IQOS Heets Arbor pearl

AED 130

Heets Pearl are the new IQOS e-cigarette sticks from the different ranges. They feature an unusual design with a button that allows you to regulate the flavours you smoke. You choose your moment to enjoy all the flavours and a full-bodied aftertaste. The devices are available in two flavours - green garden fruits and forest berries, which are complemented with menthol. The sticks are based on a medium to strong roasted tobacco with a grassy flavor. The sticks are delivered in packs of 10, each containing 20 sticks.

You can buy IQOS Heets Pearl in Dubai from our online shop. We offer original brand products. Delivery of orders throughout the UAE - your order will be delivered within 24 hours. Have any questions or need help choosing - contact our managers.

What are the main differences

Heets Pearl for IQOS stands out from its counterparts with its design that allows you to control the flow of liquid and enjoy the taste at just the right moment. This type of device consists of several elements:

  • A capsule complete with a button for adjusting the liquid delivery;
  • Filter - mouthpiece made of cellulose acetate;
  • Cooling cylinder for incoming aerosol. It is made from corn. This material is safe for people and used in many applications;
  • An air flow chamber. It ensures the correct supply of aerosol to the cylinder and locks the tobacco plug in the required position.

The design with a button and additional elements ensures a gradual unfolding of the flavour without sudden changes when the button is pressed. The berry and fruit flavours are released gradually and blend well with the tobacco base.

General characteristics of Heets Pearl for IQOS

The sticks are designed to be used with most of the well-known and popular IQOS brand e-cigarettes. Among them IQOS 3, IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3 MULTI etc. All of them are also featured in our catalogue and are available for order with onward delivery in UAE and Dubai.

Heets Pearl sticks for IQOS are available and delivered in packs of 10, each containing 20 devices in individual sealed packs. You can use them at your own pace without worrying about running out quickly.

Detailed descriptions for each product can be found on the product cards.

Available flavours Heets Pearl

The base of Heets Pearl sticks is made from medium to strong roasted tobacco, which gives a rich and vibrant flavour, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. You can also detect herbal notes in the taste.

In our shop you can buy two basic products: 

Heets Arbor Pearl

They are filled with strong tobacco, so won't suit all beginners. With a complementary flavour of orchard green fruit and menthol notes. The taste is fresh and acidic, enough to wake you up even on the busiest, hottest day.

Heets Sun Pearl

A medium-roasted tobacco with a calmer aftertaste, suitable for experienced smokers and beginners. It is complemented by the rich flavour of wild berries with menthol. Together they create a pleasant impression of sweetness and coolness.

Our range is not just limited to these sticks. You can also find Heets Parliament, Arabic, etc. in the catalogue. They too can delight connoisseurs with rich flavours and aftertaste.

Why IQOS Heets Pearl? 

Point 1

Can be used with different IQOS e-cigarettes

Point 2

Rich and colourful flavours of fruit, berries and menthol

Point 3

Based on high quality tobacco with medium to strong roast

Point 4

Sticks last a long time, even with heavy smoking

You can also order the brand's e-cigarettes - IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS Lil Solid, IQOS Iluma, etc., as well as accessories. 


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